Len Rome’s Local Health: Social media can say a lot about your health


A new study says that what we're sharing on social media can say a lot about our health status

(WYTV) – Social media seems to attract people in different ways, from those who ‘over-share’ to those who only check in on occasion.

A study from the Public Library of Science says that what we’re sharing on social media can say a lot about our health status, both physically and mentally.

Dr. Joseph Rock of The Cleveland Clinic says that we need to learn to read and understand between the lines.

“You might see somebody who sounds very isolated and depressed, but maybe they only post when they do. On the other hand, you may see people who only post when they’re feeling good and things are going well for them. So you don’t want to overreact in either direction.”

It’s tough to tell what’s really going on with someone by looking at his or her social media posts because we’re only getting a snapshot of the whole picture.

If someone is continually posting negative sentiments, it may be worth reaching out to see if the person on the other end is looking for help.

And if you find other people’s posts to be consuming your thoughts, it might be time to take a break from all social media.

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