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Len Rome’s Local Health: Childhood interaction


Do you read your children to sleep?

(WYTV) – Do you remember reading to your child at night? Who could forget the classic “Good Night, Moon?”

Many kids enjoy a nightly bedtime story, but does it matter whether you read from a screen or a book? 

One recent study shows nothing beats an old-fashioned print book. 

This difference between old and new comes down to the interaction between parent and child.

Dr. Gregory P. Weaver, of the Cleveland Clinic, says, “When they observed children and parents interacting with a regular, sort of, soft-bound book, there was much more interaction between parents and children.”

With a printed book, the child has more questions, and there’s more discussions beyond the story on the pages.

When mom or dad is using a device, the interaction is more about the technology and how to use it and not about the story.

The back and forth discussions are the cornerstones of learning.

One of the best things you can do to promote learning is to read out loud to your child and show them that you love to read, too.

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