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Remarkable Women: Local woman breaks boundaries in manufacturing

Remarkable Women

Ashley Totin said she was inspired at a young age, with help from her father

YOUNGSTOWN, Ohio (WYTV) – 33 WYTV is recognizing remarkable women of the Youngstown area.

Daybreak’s Christina Mullen introduces us to a woman who is pushing the boundaries in manufacturing.

From a young age, Ashley Totin developed a passion.

“I loved learning; I loved the process of it,” she said.

She loves to have fun, too, building and making things.

“My father really helped inspire that, buying me LEGOs and Connect sets, where I can build things and really use my mind,” Totin said.

Her passion for learning continued, with dreams of being a veterinarian, until one day during high school, her math teacher pulled her aside.

“She said, ‘Have you ever looked into engineering?’ And at that point, I didn’t even know what engineering was, even though my whole life, I had been doing it — the making, the building, everything,” she said.

Totin started researching, finding out that Youngstown State University has one of the best engineering courses, and her passion grew.

“Everything we touch and feel is put through a manufacturing facility. It blew my mind that these facilities are all over the world, right in your backyard, producing every-day items,” she said.

Totin studied engineering at YSU and landed an internship at America Makes.

Fast forward to today, and she is now the project engineer at America Makes.

She’s won several awards and was named Mahoning Valley’s Young Professional Engineer of the year in 2019.

Jim Martof is Totin’s dad. He nominated her for the Remarkable Women award.

“As a father, you can only dream of a daughter like this, and I said, it’s not only a dream. It became a reality for me,” he said.

Totin said she has become so successful because of her upbringing.

“Why did I love school so much? Why was I valedictorian of my high school? Why did I succeed in college? Why did I have that passion. It stems from your family and father figure,” she said.

Totin wants to keep moving the boundaries for women in manufacturing and keep inspiring others.

“Whatever it is they love, find something that fits that and follow it,” she said.

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