(WKBN) – There’s no shortage of things to worry about as a parent.  A local author from Columbiana reminds us to enjoy the ride and embrace the chaos.

Parenthood is not perfect. There’s a lot of chaos. There’s a lot of these moments.

Gail Hettrick had a column in the Vindicator called “Just Kidding”.  She compiled all of them and put it into a book. Be alert, there still is no perfect book on parenting.

“One of my favorite lines in the book, you won’t be inspired by this book, but you’ll be relieved,” said Hettrick.

For parents, the old adage holds true, when it rains it pours.

“Really the point of whole book is about the imperfections of parenting. From the beginning when I first started writing them, people would come up to me and say, it’s so nice to know that happened to someone else,” said Hettrick.

Sometimes you and your kids will shine.

“And that’s the beauty of parenting. If you can embrace the perfect, along with the chaos, you’ll be a happy parent and you’ll raise happy children,” said Hettrick.

Gail has several stories where you would not exactly call her Mother of the Year.

“When I emailed my child’s teacher to tell her about a situation, and she emailed me back and told me it was handled. Three weeks later at open house, I went to go in and see where my son sits in her room and realized that’s not my son’s teacher this year,” said Hettrick.