(WYTV) — This Tuesday, you’ll be taking the kiddos out to go trick-or-treating. Here are some “frighteningly” easy tips to help make sure your child has a safe, fun Halloween.

“Children are ramped up, they’re so excited. They’ve been waiting for this for months. They’re so excited to show off their costumes,” said Bill McMahon, injury prevention coordinator with Akron Children’s Hospital. “They’re in trick-or-treat, Halloween, ‘have fun’ mode.”

As a parent, you need to be in “safety mode.”

McMahon says candy safety is always a big concern, especially when kids have all kinds of different diabetic and nutritional deficiencies.

“I always recommend, give them a good meal before they head out trick-or-treating so they’re not tempted to reach into that bag and just start going at the candy and pounding it,” McMahon said.

Whether you’re in a neighborhood you’re familiar with or not, make sure you inspect each piece of candy.

“Throw caution at anything that may look homemade or is unwrapped, is not properly sealed — unless, of course, you know those people really well,” McMahon said.

It’s getting darker earlier here in the Valley, especially as we approach daylight saving time. Dr. McMahon says we see the highest percentage of children hit by cars on Halloween.

“Overemphasize with them that we don’t run out between parked cars, because oncoming traffic may not be able to see them. We stay on sidewalks, where it’s available. If not, we’re going against the direction of traffic,” McMahon said.

He recommends wearing reflective clothing and using crosswalks when available. Always be aware of who’s in your group, and be sure to stick together.