(WYTV) — Now that it’s officially October, the cold weather is around the corner. At this time of the year, sicknesses ramp up, because we’re staying inside — and for kids in schools, these germs can be spread faster.

Getting sick is not fun.

You could be cooped up in the house all day and feeling awful. For kids, getting sick could make them feel worse.

“In kids, their immune system is still developing, so they’re more prone to get these coughs and colds,” says Dr. Mike Sevilla, with Family Practice Center of Salem.

Between COVID-19, the flu, strep throat and others spread more this time of the year. Sevilla says this is a difficult time of the year. For some things, like flu and COVID, you’ll have to get a test to know for sure.

“The contagious things — like COVID, flu and RSV — are really tough to tell. It could be something as simple as allergies. It could just be your normal, common cold,” Sevilla said.

Kids will spend about 8 hours a day in school, and being inside the whole time can cause the sickness to spread.

“It can not only go through the classrooms very quickly, but also through homes,” Sevilla said. “People, especially kids, can get pretty sick, pretty quickly, so it’s pretty important to recognize those symptoms.”

It’s good to monitor your child if they aren’t feeling well.
As Sevilla tells parents, “You know your kids the best” — as in, if the kid is not acting like themselves and if your kid does get sick…

“Keep the kid home, make sure they get well-hydrated, they get treated, they get well before they get sent back to school,” Sevilla said.