(WYTV) – Your children are going back to school soon, but they’re still home for some time and it’s important parents find time for themselves.

Let’s call it “me time.” Time to refresh. If you have young children, finding any time to yourself can be very rare.

“On average, parents indicate that they only have around 30 minutes each day to themselves. In fact, some parents indicate hiding from their kids just to get a breather,” said Dr. Susan Albers.

Psychologists say me time is not a luxury, it’s a necessity. It can prevent parents from feeling overwhelmed and stressed.

Write down those things preventing you from being alone or with your spouse, prioritize your time.

Try waking a little earlier or limiting social media use. Swap your time: buy something for the cookout instead of baking it.

Have local parents been able to find me time?

“A little bit, yeah, here and there, between taking my daughter to practice and just working, being a single mom,” said Monica Hassay, a Boardman mom.

And don’t be afraid to ask for help if you need it, call a relative, call a friend.

“It’s something that parents often struggle with, asking for help from other people. But very necessary to reach out when you need some time to yourself,” said Dr. Albers.

Finding me time doesn’t always mean being without your child. Let her do something she enjoys like coloring while you’re watching a favorite TV show.