(WYTV) – Mental Health doesn’t just affect adults, it affects kids too.

“They feel like we do. They worry like we do. They get upset. Uh the big difference is I think between kids and us as adults is that we have the tools typically to think about processing that information. We have the tools to deal with our stress or anxiety. We know who to go to. Or who to talk to. Kids don’t,” said Joe Shorokey, CEO of Alta Behavioral Healthcare.

Shorokey says there is a main difference between adults and children when it comes to expressing emotions.

“When we are depressed or anxious, we look it. We act it. Kids often, they don’t have the words or even the the social emotional development to be able to express it. It often comes out behaviorally,” said Shorokey.

Shorokey explained some signs of a child struggling with their mental health.

“Kids who are feeling that way might struggle in school, they may act up behaviorally, they become inattentive,” said Shorokey.

A simple check in could open the door for your child.

“So I think with our kids we have to take some special time and extra time. Whether it’s daily or weekly. And just say ‘Tell me about your day,'” said Shorokey.

According to Shorokey, many children are exposed to social media at a younger age, which he says can be harmful.

“We put out the good, we don’t put out the bad typically. I think social media for al the good it does, it does a lot of harm as well. And I think it’s important that the parents and caregivers limit the youth exposure to social media. Because it can just run rampant,” said Shorokey.

Shorokey explained that there is no perfect way to parent, just do what’s best for your child and family.