(WYTV) – We’ve been seeing warmer temperatures lately, which means pools will be opening up and kids will be doing a lot of swimming.

As temperatures creep higher, families will be heading to the water to cool off. Parents might choose their child’s swimsuit based on cool designs or styles, but Youngstown Lifeguard Academy President Kevin Tarpley recommends doing away with those and instead buying solid, bright-colored swimwear for your child.

“When you look into the water, you want to be able to distinguish between the bottom of a pool or if it’s out at a lake you want to see something that’s off-color so that you can identify where that person may be,” explained Tarpley.

In a test study conducted by Alive Solutions Inc., a company that specializes in aquatic safety, swimsuit colors were put to the test to see their visibility in both pools and open water.

It found that the top colors for visibility were neon yellow, neon green and neon orange.
But Tarpley points out you need to take your child’s race into consideration when swimsuit shopping.

“If I have on yellow, people will be able to distinguish just based on my skin tones and the color of the fabric. You’ll be able to say, ‘That’s a person,'” expressed Tarpley.

And in a panic, whether your child is drowning or goes missing at a crowded pool or lake, having a swimsuit that’s easy to describe is key.

“If you’re at a lake or an oceanfront, you want to be able to tell the lifeguard he or she is wearing X, Y or Z so that they can hone in and that’s what they’re going to look for,” said Tarpley.

While choosing your child’s swimsuit wisely can help keep them safe, it’s not enough. Never leave your child unattended in or near water, be sure they have the proper tools and knowledge to swim safely and keep your eyes on them at all times.