(WYTV) – For parents who currently have kids waiting to hear about college acceptances, this transition period in their life can be both exciting and stressful.

“They’re going from being kids to young adults and now entering adulthood so I think they’re excited, they’re nervous, they’re ready to be done with high school and get on to that next chapter,” said Holly Marshall, a guidance counselor with Hubbard High School.

Marshall says rejections are bound to happen. She advises to prepare your child for them.

“That rejection does not define what success you can have in the future. As cliché as it sounds, when one door closes another one opens and sometimes in life what didn’t work out for you, really did work out for you.”

Marshall says the biggest thing to remind your child is to not take it personally if a college rejects them.

“Colleges can deny students for a number of different reasons whether the program is full or whether they have to meet certain diversity demands and things like that,” says Marshall.

Encourage your child to go to the college that really wants them and really let them take the lead.

“As a parent, it can be crushing to see your child upset or to go through rejection but I would say to really take a moment and see how you’re feeling because some students might be okay with not getting into a school whereas the parent is feeling really really let down,” said Marshall.

Allow your child to really sit with their emotions and see how they’re feeling. Marshall encourages parents to give their child time if they need it and validate their feelings.

“And then maybe reflect on a time with your student when you, yourself, went through some kind of rejection and how that led you to where you are now,” said Marshall.

Holly also points out college selection is personal. Don’t impose your own school preferences on your child.