(WYTV) – Stress is something all humans experience and can relate to. It can impact us not only mentally but physically too.

The feeling of stress can be physically debilitating at times. Doctor Albers with the Cleveland Clinic explains that long term stress can cause aging and inflammation in our bodies.

This makes us more vulnerable to chronic diseases.

“Some stressors are daily stressors, things like your to do list, going to the post office, conflicts with a boss. Other stresses are ongoing, more chronic stressors, things like financial issues, conflicts with family members. These ongoing issues can have lasting and profound impacts on your mental and physical health,” said Susan Albers at the Cleveland Clinic.

Albers notes that unmanaged stress can lead to anxiety and depression or even cause people to turn to unhealthy coping mechanisms, for example alcohol and drugs. To manage stress, Doctors urge a healthy diet, adequate sleep, and exercise.

“It’s important to consult a therapist or your primary care physician if you are experiencing high levels of stress, and that stress is impacting your day to day routine. If you’re having trouble getting to work, or you have changes in your sleep patterns or your appetite these are some indications that your stress level may be out of control,” said Dr. Albers.

Keeping a daily routine, cleaning or meditating are also ways to lower stress in the body.

Doctor Albers explains that there is a healthy level of stress: it may provide a boost of motivation to get things done.