(WYTV) – As travel predictions for the holidays make a comeback to pre-pandemic levels, millions of people are expected to take to the roads and skies. Dr. Adam Keating a pediatrician at Cleveland Clinic warns about germs in airports.

“Airports can particularly be one of the places in which we see the biggest crowds and so keeping distance from people as much as you can can be helpful,” said Dr. Keating.

To limit the spread of disease in busy places, pediatricians also say having your kids wear a mask is a good option.

They recommend keeping kids from touching their faces and frequent hand washing when in crowded spaces.

Doctor Keating says traveling children may become irritable when they are tired, hungry, thirsty or over stimulated.

“The way to prevent that among kids can really be around preparing ahead, making sure that you have water for the kids, that you have healthy snacks, that you’re keeping up with regular sleep schedules and routines as much as you can when traveling,” said Dr. Keating.

They recommend high protein snacks, whole grains and fruits and vegetables.