(WYTV) – As a little girl becomes a young lady, a father naturally gets a little squeezed out. While the relationship changes, it’s vital to change with it.

Karen McCallum has organized Father-Daughter dances at Boardman Park for nearly 20 years.

“The most critical guy in her life is her dad. How he treats her, how he responds to things, how he does things, that sets the base for what she’s gonna compare other guys to,” said McCallum.

At every dance, Dad’s give their daughter a rose.  McCallum tells this story every year.

“This dad that had passed, the daughter made sure he was buried with one of her father-daughter dance roses,” said McCallum.

Chances are dad, you’re never gonna be cool, but McCallum does have some advice on what to say.

“I’m proud of you. I love you, that’s it. And if your daughter bucks you and says, ‘no I’m not, I have pimples,’ I have this…You’re beautiful,” said McCallum.