(WYTV) – Many parents love posting about their kids on social media, but what if that can go too far?

Studies show on average, parents post 1,300 pictures of their kid to social media before they’re 13. That’s before they’re old enough to have Facebook or Instagram profiles.

This is now known as “sharenting.”

There are obvious things to avoid posting, like your child’s birth date or social security number.
But other identifiers can accidentally end up in a picture.

“For example, if you’ve taken a picture of your child in a compromising situation where it’s political, there could be some suggestion that your kid has these beliefs or something, and it could harm them that way,” said Dr. Adam Earnheardt, a Youngstown State University communications professor.

Psychologist Dr. Michael Stern says mental health is also a concern with sharenting.

“For people already vulnerable who might be more anxious or more depressed. I think it opens up the door for a more powerful influence on them,” said Dr. Stern.

So what should parents do before posting about their kids?

“Especially as your child is getting older, ask would you mind if I shared this information? Some children will be very happy with that information being shared, where as other children may be a little more conservative,” said Dr. Stern.

“It’s like one of those conversations you should have to have. You want this open conversation about what is safe? What are you happy with? What are you comfortable posting to social media,” said Dr. Earnheardt.

For anyone co-parenting, Earnheardt says it’s best to have these conversations as soon as possible.

Parents can also make a plan for differing opinions on social media posting. Also, if your child doesn’t like something you post, you can always delete it.