(WYTV) — Winter break is here, and many kids are spending lots of time at home. It is possible that parents will hear kids say, “I’m bored,” at least a few times.

Being home for the holidays may be a great way to reset and get ready for the New Year. But it’s not uncommon for children to get bored at home during this time, especially if it’s too cold to go outside.

Dr. Gina Robinson, a Cleveland Clinic pediatrician, says there are many activities kids can do to stay entertained inside.

“Cooking is a great activity. This time of year, people make cookies, they make special dishes. I think it’s just a fun activity that families can do together,” Robinson said. “You can even sneak in a little math without even talking about it by doing the measurements and letting your child help with that.”

Other indoor activities could include reading, art projects, board games or watching a movie with the family.

However, Robinson suggests limiting screen time.

“I have parents in my office on their phones just as often as I do the teens, so I think it’s something we can all work on,” Robinson said. “If parents are home, it’s a great time for them to get off their screens if they don’t have to work, or they can take a break from work and do something and have some family time together.”

Robinson recommends that your child keep as much structure as they can in their day, such as maintaining a consistent sleep schedule and meal times. This will make the transition back to school less difficult.