(WYTV) – Winter weather is right around the corner, and some teenagers are just getting their driver’s licenses.

Sgt. Bridget Matt, of the Ohio State Highway Patrol, discussed how to prepare young drivers for some of the worst driving conditions.

As the weather evolves, ice and slush make roads slick and unpredictable. Matt says it’s up to parents to get their young drivers ready for the conditions.

“The first step to doing that is having the conversation with the adult parent, guardian, or whoever is teaching them, how to get prepared and driving in these coming months,” Matt said.

Sgt. Matt has three Ps for parents to teach their teens about winter driving: “Being prepared, having planning and patience.”

Being prepared means making sure that a vehicle is ready to drive in winter conditions.

“Make sure your battery is good, that your tires, the tread on your tires is good and that your wipers and defrosters are in good condition,” Matt said.

Planning for the weather means heating the car up before leaving and making sure you leave early for where you’re going if roads are bad.

Having patience is also key.

“Not rushing, not speeding, knowing to drive for the conditions on the roadway and to get there safely,” Matt said.

Sgt. Matt said there’s one more “P” that is most important.

“Getting the youthful drivers behind the wheel and on the road to practice, preferably somewhere safe. That’s a parking lot, perhaps, that’s not where there are cars, and let them get the feel for what it’s like.”

There are a few driving factors that Matt advises young drivers to practice.

“Your braking is longer. You need to allow for more following distance between your vehicle and the vehicle in front of you, and turning can even take longer,” Matt said.

Matt says keeping these tips in mind will help teens be safe drivers.