Len Rome’s Local Health: Teaching kids to cover their coughs

Teach kids at a young age to tuck their nose into their elbow to cough

(WYTV) – It’s November and the germs are out there. Your children are ready to catch them and bring them home.

Therefore, it’s important to teach them to cover their coughs.

When we cough into open air, germs can travel three to five feet.

Some germs stay airborne for a while, such as measles, which can hang out in the air for hours.

When kids ‘catch a cough’ in their hands, it may stop the cough, but germs can spread if they touch objects and people.

“What we try to do is we try to cough into a place that we don’t touch other people and so, our elbow has been one of the best things that we have found over the last years… If we cough here, into our arm and into our elbow, we don’t have to worry about moving those germs from place to place,” said Dr. Frank Esper from the Cleveland Clinic.

Teach kids at a young age to tuck their nose into their elbow to cough. Also, teach them good hand-washing skills. Washing hands for about 20 seconds is ideal to get rid of viruses and bacteria.

Children under three aren’t especially good at washing their hands, so using alcohol-based hand sanitizer may be best.

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