Protecting your kids from identity theft

Keeping Kids Safe

Children are popular targets for data thieves, and it’s a crime that can go undetected for years. 

A new law is allowing parents to check and freeze their kids’ credit with the three major agencies for free.

It’s all thanks to a new federal law called The Economic Growth, Regulatory Relief, and Consumer Protection Act, that will go into effect on September 21. 

If you haven’t thought about doing that, WYTV reporter Lindsey Watson talked to cyber experts about why you may want to think again.

It’s an alarming statistic according to Experian. One in four kid’s identities will be stolen before they become an adult.

But what makes children such popular targets for data thieves?

Parents are often helping hackers snatch their information all with a simple post on social media.

“They’re trying to gain as much information about the person, you know birth dates, name, date, and then they can kinda go back and figure it all out, and put it all together. It’s kinda what they do right now, they social hack you,” said David Stanley, Cyber Express manager.

Stanley refers to it as Social Hacking.

“It boils down to if you put out your kid’s name, how old he is, or her,” Stanley said.

While Stanley says they haven’t seen a child’s identity stolen yet, it’s something parents need to be aware of.

“We can go forward with you hand and hand and figure it out together. Hopefully, your son or daughter isn’t a victim, and if they are let’s figure it out, make sure that everything is fine, get everybody on an even keel and start over,” he said.

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