(WYTV) — Summer is often an exciting time for kids — a chance to soak in the sun, and play in the pool, but it’s important to remember, even with the best of swimmers, accidents can happen.

“Even me as a swim instructor, I’m still improving my knowledge on open water safety and pool safety just so I can stay on top of it not only for the students that I teach but for the parents,” said a swim instructor with the Jewish Community Center, Abby Tolson.

Tolson said the earlier you can get your kids into swim lessons and the pool, the better off they’ll be.

“The older they get, the more fear they have with water. I teach my youngest is 18 months and the oldest that I teach currently is 87, and the 87-year-old has so many fears because he didn’t learn when he was a kid and now it’s on his bucket list,” said Tolson.

Knowing telltale signs of when a child is struggling in the water could be critical in preventing a tragedy.

“We teach kids that if they’re tired to flip onto their back to float until they’re rested. So if you see a kid flipping over more that might be a time to have them sit out for a little bit,” said Tolson.

If you see a child bobbing or trying to grab on to another swimmer or object, those are also signs that a child may not be a strong swimmer or may need a break.

“Always have an adult present no matter how good the swimmer is. Even at 14, 15, you should still have an adult that’s not partaking in swimming just keeping an eye on things because you never know when something’s going to go wrong,” said Tolson.

If a child is going to wear a floating device, Tolson says to make sure it is U.S. Coast Guard approved.