(WYTV) – The Summer break from school can and should mean outdoor fun and sports and sports can have a lot of positive affects on kids.

But everything must be in moderation.

“So we’re looking at it helps mentally, physically and emotionally,” said Dr. Benjamin Brocker of Mercy Health.

That first piece mentally someone could argue it’s the most important aspect.

Dr. Brocker says sports help children with academic performance, helps them concentrate, work on time management and learn problem solving skills.

“Emotionally decreases depression rates makes you feel self confident. Also helps develop social skills to then physically, I mean cardiovascularly it just that’s all around it helps all around and it helps you sleep better too, because it decreases your stress level,” Dr. Brocker continued.

Team sports help with working on social interaction, but if your child is more interested in individual sports don’t worry.

“The individual sports will help with concentration and focus and and in the physical attribute to, but again you’re not going to get really that much social interaction, granted, you know if you’re playing against somebody you can kind of get some social interaction too,” the doctor said.

So when’s the right age to get involved in sports?

“Kids can start catching kicking around two to three years old, you can kind of encourage that but to get them into like a team kind of thing team atmosphere probably have all the skills they need by the age of like six or seven,” said Dr. Brocker.

A word to the wise: let them play multiple sports to help prevent injury from overusing the same muscles.

“You gotta try each one individually and see if they like it, and another thing to do is actually have them see you playing it and enjoying it too, because if you do that chances are they’re gonna be like oh it’s you know it’s probably fun I’ll try it, you know,” he continued.

While fun make sure you don’t overdo it because rest is equally as important.

“If you have a seven year old didn’t really play longer than seven hours a week, you know so one hour per day 12 year old shouldn’t play more than 12 hours a week, you know if you’re doing more than that you’re increasing chance to injury,” Dr. Brocker finished.