(WYTV) – Teaching your children inclusivity at a young age not only builds empathy and emotional intelligence, but oftentimes translates into future relationships, and how they view themselves.

Diversity makes the world a much more fascinating place.  Being accepting of others differences, and teaching your children the same, is important.

“All children deserve to be heard, all children deserve to be included, and all children deserve to be loved by their families, their friends, and society,” said Marguerite Felice-Vice, president of the Youngstown Area PFLAG.

She says there must be open communication in your home to allow space to tackle tough conversations.

“If you’ve had a good dialogue with them over time and they know they can come to you, they’re more likely to and might not hide it. They’re more likely to let you know when they’re feeling stressed, in trouble, depressed,” Felice-Vice continued.

Marguerite says parents, especially of teens, sometimes think their kids don’t listen to them. But they’re always listening and watching. Which is why she encourages parents to “lead with love.”

Meaning you don’t always have to understand what your child is going through, but you have to be willing to learn.

“You have to be able to say ‘okay I can be supportive’, again leading with love, ‘I love you I’m going to be there for you, I’m gonna mess up sometimes and that’s okay,'” she said.

In having open communication, it not only makes both parties feel understood and appreciated, but it makes children more likely to be more accepting of others.