(WYTV) – Life today comes with inoculations, plenty of them, and they begin right away with newborns. WYTV is beginning a new series of reports we call “Positive Parenting.” In our first segment, we explore how parents can keep track of all those shots.

The list of vaccinations your child is going to need can be bewildering — they begin at birth and go all the way through age 18. You’ve got your measles, mumps, rubella, flu and hepatitis.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has a website where you can download all the information you need but it’s your pediatrician who’s really going to be your guide.

“If they recommend something, I’m going to follow their lead because they’re the professionals, they know what they’re talking about,” said Sierra Woodburn, a mother from Calcutta.

Pediatrician Dr. Manuel Spirtos says his job is to care for children, reassure parents and note each shot he gives.

“I think our main role as a pediatrician and a child advocate is to promote vaccines in a safe, effective way that makes the parents comfortable,” Dr. Spirtos said.

On paper, on a computer, wherever you note your child’s vaccinations, what would happen if you misplaced this information? Even if you move or your pediatrician retires, Ohio has a database that keeps track of these inoculations, so the records are never really lost.

With all these childhood and teenage shots, some parents are reluctant to approve every one of them.

“There’s flexibility, there’s ways to work around it. We try to accommodate what we think is best for the child and what the parents feel is best for their individual child and their beliefs,” Dr. Spirtos said.

Now, the big question, the COVID-19 vaccine for your child, yes or no?

“Based on what is available, information-wise, I think it’s safe, I think it’s effective,” Dr. Spirtos said.

If your children have been vaccinated, maybe one day they’ll turn to you to remind you to get vaccinated as well!