(WYTV)- Around 20 million students begin college each fall and for many of them, it’s the first time on their own.

Some students will adapt right away, others will take time, and still, others will never get used to it. Perhaps the biggest skill parents can teach their children before they leave home is how to be independent.

“I’ve really been making sure to make my routines by myself and start making schedules,’ said college freshman India Carter.

Tell your young student to expect to feel the pressure of school studies and don’t be surprised to feel isolated in a new place. Just like mapping out a route to classes, be sure your student finds places on campus that promote healthy habits, such as the gym and the student health center.

“Just like you build in time for classes, build in time for physical activity, healthy eating, stress reduction,” said college resource officer Bernadette Melnyk.

As this mom told her daughter, no one’s going to look after you but you.

“Your parents don’t know what’s going on. Your friends don’t know you well enough yet to know what’s going on, only you do, so you need to take charge of your health,” said mother Adrienne Shinn.

Tell your son and daughter to connect with campus organizations early to start making new friends, get plenty of rest and don’t pull too many all-nighters. It’s a lot to remember so we have a short college prep checklist for you.