(WYTV) – How do moms and dads prevent burnout, and when is it time to ask for help? Look at what the pandemic did to us, how it disrupted our lives, and what inflation is doing to us right now.

The Ohio State College of Nursing has just released a survey on recent family life. It looked at how parents were coping with stress.

“Oftentimes we hear it associated with jobs and things like that. But I think, for parents, it’s almost shaming to think that you can get burned out in your role,” said Kate Gawlik, a working parent and nursing professor.

But you can as a parent. The survey found that two-thirds of parents had or still are experiencing some degree of serious stress.

“We have to do so much more on the prevention side of things, not wait ’til parents are in crisis,” said Dr. Bernadette Melnyk, an OSU wellness officer.

Crisis brings depression, anxiety, drinking and then parents take it out on the kids.

“Doing things like insulting, criticizing, screaming. Sometimes physical harm even increased,” said Gawlik.

How do you handle this? Parents should have a go-to friend to vent to or a go-to place. Take a few minutes to breathe.

There are also tests you can take to see if you’re coming close to your breaking point and where to find help. Take the self-administered test and stay positive for your kids.