(WYTV) – But there are some other things you need to prepare before you take the family to that crowded event.

It’s one of the worst feelings for a parent. You’re at a crowded event and you look around, you’re child is gone. What do you do? What you don’t want to do…panic.

For older kids with cell phones, make sure their ringer is on. For younger kids, take precautions before you leave the house.

“Dress your kids in bright colored clothing so they stick out in a crowd. Maybe taking a picture before you leave the house, so you have the most current up to date photo of your child,” said Mahoning County Deputy Joel Gensler.

Hold a child’s hand, or better yet, pull them along.

“Put them in a stroller or a wagon, it can be a challenge moving through the crowds, but it helps keep the kids corralled little more and keep them there,” he continued.

Teach your kids your cell phone number, and here’s a tip for your youngest kids.

“Maybe write it down on a piece of paper, they can stick it in their pocket or in you can put it in their shoe. So if they ever get lost they can show that to a trusted adult,” said Deputy Gensler.

“Have them stay in that vicinity, parents for the most part are gonna back track to where they just were. And look for you in that area,” he said.

And if there are no police around, tell your kids to go to a trusted adult.

“Maybe going to someone that, to a family that you see with children. That nurturing thing sets in and you can normally go to them,” the deputy finished.