(WYTV) – Resilience is the ability to face a challenge and grow from it. It’s an important trait for kids to build during childhood.

Challenges in our society make resilience an important life skill for children. That’s what Sharon Regional Pediatric and Adolescent Psychiatrist Doctor Steven Rigall thinks. However, he says recent events have made it difficult to develop.

“This whole issue is prompted most recently by the COVID situation and the effect that it had on kids socially and educationally,” said Rigall.

Rigall says online schooling for children has also affected resilience development.

He says parents should encourage kids to get involved in competitive activities, as it helps kids overcome adversity.

“Whether it be sports or academic competitions. Winning is great. Losing is also character building,” he said.

Letting kids solve their problems can also help. Rigall says parent intervention can be problematic in building resilience.

“You’re basically sending a message to your child that they’re not capable of solving problems themselves,” Rigall continued.

Studies show nurturing routines are essential to kids building resilience. Rigall says routines like chores are great routines for older kids. They may a struggle, but it serves a bigger purpose.

“These are things that build character and a sense of responsibility that are important when you get to the point where you face some kind of challenge or adversity,” Rigall finished.