(WYTV) – School’s almost back in session and soon the roads will be full of student drivers some with a couple years experience and others just starting out.

“I have a 16 year old, my last of my three children and I was looking for thiings like lane assistance,” said Lou Vitantonio, president of the Greater Cleveland Automobile Dealers’ Association.

Vitantonio said cars today have a lot of safety technology.  Parents say safety is the top priority for their children starting to drive.

“All the way from limiting the speed of the vehicle, warnings that are being set or mileage exceeding certain mileage points, vehicle won’t start until the seat belts are on limiting volume. I mean, these are small things that we may not think about,” he said.

It’s equally as important to make sure a new driver knows what they’re doing.

“Let’s try different things that you may come up against meaning if you hit a drift of snow, how’s the car going to react? If you need to brake, let’s try that abs, that automatic braking system. “With hydroplaning and explaining that the, the best thing you can do in hydroplane situation where you really don’t have any control is is don’t get nervous just let off the gas slow down so,” Vitantonio said.

So we know what to do and what to look for in terms of safety features, but what kind of car does Lou recommend?

“I think the best fit, again, going through it myself is an suv that you can get something that’s all wheel drive. It really will fit most of the purposes,” he said.

Oh, an SUV sounds expensive, but it’s possible. There’s many options like leasing, buying or even buying a used one.

“No disrespect to to new drivers, but you know what sometimes they may beat some things up okay and and you know it’s not necessarily they’re going to maybe scratch it or your curb the rooms or they’re going to do things that you know they may not be paying attention to. Maybe somebody’s trying to keep their car perfect it’s never happens, but, but you know so that that may be a path is it finding a used vehicle,” Vitantonio said.

So to recap, find something safe, definitely something affordable and if can an all wheel drive SUV is the way to go especially with the weather we get in our area.