National Burn Awareness Week reminds parents how to handle different types of burns

Keeping Kids Safe

Almost one-third of all burn injuries are kids under the age of 15

SALEM, Ohio (WYTV) – This week is National Burn Awareness Week. If you’ve ever grabbed a curling iron or a pan right out of the oven, you know a burn can be one of the worst pains, and kids are even more likely to get a household burn.

Almost one-third of all burn injuries are kids under the age of 15. So, fire officials encourage parents to keep children away from items cooking in the kitchen.

Also, watch where you keep things like lighters and matches, making sure they’re out of reach.

Dr. Mike Sevilla with the Family Practice Center of Salem says if your child does get a burn, you should know how to treat it.

“Unfortunately, some parents, they wait too long before they get it looked at by a doctor or before they take them to the hospital and unfortunately, by then, sometimes it’s too late to do something or some things at that point that child has to be hospitalized,” he said.

Dr. Sevilla says parents should call 911 if their child has a chemical, electrical or large burn or is burned on their head.

He says that most superficial burns can be treated at home with cold water and lotion.

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