Keeping Kids Safe: Study reveals common activities, items linked to brain injuries in kids

Keeping Kids Safe

Traumatic brain injury happens when a sudden trauma causes damage to the brain

(CNN NEWSOURCE) – Scientists are listing the most dangerous activities and products that cause traumatic brain injuries in children and teens.

A new study, published Monday in the journal Brain Injury, says brain injuries in infants to 19-year-olds can be blamed on floors, beds, walls, chairs, stairs, tables and bicycles.

It also lists a number of sports like basketball, football and soccer.

Traumatic brain injury or TBI happens when a sudden trauma such as a bump, blow or jolt — often from a fall — causes damage to the brain.

The study looked at 4.1 million non-fatal traumatic brain injuries in children and teens between 2010 and 2013.

Beds were the main cause of traumatic brain injuries among infants and toddlers while injuries for older children and teens were from sports and recreation.

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