Keeping Kids Safe: Pandemic weighing on children especially as holidays approach

Keeping Kids Safe

Now that the holiday season is here, things are looking different for a lot of people

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(WYTV) – With the holidays coming, more parents are worried about the long-term effects the pandemic is having on their children’s mental health.

A new study from Nationwide Children’s Hospital found two-thirds of parents worry that the longer this goes on, the more challenging it will be to reverse.

Change can be hard to navigate emotionally, not only for adults but children too.

Now that the holiday season is here, things are looking different for a lot of people.

“Kids have expectations. They have a history, they have memories, so when we have to tell them things are going to be different this year it can be hard for them to accept, especially if we’re going to seemingly miss out on some of their favorite parts of the holiday season,” said Dr. Parker Huston, with Nationwide Children’s Hospital.

Pediatric health experts have this advice to help kids cope with stress during these challenging times and build resilience.

“Resilience is a big term, but really, when you break it down, it’s our ability to adapt to difficult changes in our lives and we all have to do that at various times. It just happens that right now is a prolonged period of that for pretty much everyone across the country,” Dr. Huston said.

Experts say parents can embrace change this year and try to come up with new, creative traditions for the holidays.

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