Keeping Kids Safe: Optometrists encourage taking ‘eye breaks’ every 20 minutes

Keeping Kids Safe

Doctors are seeing more kids with nearsightedness

(WYTV) – Eye doctors are seeing more kids needing glasses earlier in their lives.

The likely reason? Ophthalmologists think it is something they are doing both at school and at home.

Doctors are seeing more kids with nearsightedness.

A study last year showed more kids in the United States need glasses than ever before, and at earlier ages.

Experts believe screen time and what they call our “up-close lifestyle” has a lot to do with it.

“We like that 20/20 rule. Every 20 minutes, from looking at something up close, studying, playing video games. Every 20 minutes if you can take an opportunity to look at something far off, something outside for 20 seconds,” said Dr. Amy Layman, an optometrist.

What can you do to give your kids’ eyes a rest? Remind them to hold their devices and books at least 18 inches away from their eyes and face, take breaks and get outside.

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