Keeping Kids Safe: How to handle regular sick days during COVID-19 pandemic

Keeping Kids Safe

This year, a sick day for one person in your household is basically turning into a sick day for everyone

(WYTV) – You or your kids are sick, but it’s not with COVID-19, so now what? This year, a sick day looks a lot different for parents and kids.

Kids get sick and parents do too, but it just so happens a pandemic is going on.

“It’s not necessarily coronavirus just because you have a cough or a fever,” said Dr. Stephen Predebon, with Mercy Health.

So what do you do?

“It’s a fine line to walk right now between keeping parents able to go to work and keeping kids at school while keeping everyone safe,” Dr. Predebon said.

This year, a sick day for one person in your household is basically turning into a sick day for everyone.

“It’s usually a good idea to at least take a day or two once you start noticing these symptoms. Stay home and kind of see how things progress from there and during those two days. Always a good idea to give your doctor a call and discuss the symptoms in more detail,” Dr. Predebon said.

Dr. Predebon says a lot of the coronavirus precautious we’re already taking are helping to slow the spread of other germs and illness.

“We’re already encouraging people to wear masks, wash their hands more frequently, and those are effective against coronavirus but they’re also effective against most of the other respiratory diseases or viruses that we see during this time of year,” Dr. Predebon said.

Like the common cold and flu.

But Dr. Predebon gets it, not everyone can stay home when they’re sick.

“If you can stay home whenever someone’s not feeling well that’s the best option, and if it’s an absolute impossibility, take those measures that we’ve been talking about for a while now,” Dr. Predebon said.

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