Infectious disease specialist says 4th COVID wave bringing more pediatric hospitalizations

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(WYTV) – Pediatric hospitals around the country are seeing an increase in patients along with the number of children being hospitalized for COVID-19.

But, it’s not just COVID-19 that’s leading to the increased hospitalizations. According to doctors, other viruses like RSV and croup are on the rise, which, combined with COVID-19, can cause a lot of complications.

“The next six weeks are going to be brutal on everybody,” said Dr. Amy Edwards, a pediatric infectious disease specialist at the Rainbow Babies and Children’s Hospital in Cleveland.

Dr. Edwards said this fourth wave of COVID-19 is causing them to see an increase in patients. She believes we haven’t even seen the worst of it yet.

“We’re very busy as a result, and yeah, just a lot of COVID. A lot more than we have had before,” Dr. Edwards said.

Dr. Edwards said they are seeing children experience mild symptoms as well as being intubated. She said it just varies but their ICU is seeing a big increase.

“Right now, we have kids in the ICU, we have kids on the medical floor — it’s all over. Some are mild and are only needing a little bit of IV fluids, whiff of oxygen and then they’re much better, and then some are intubated and on breathing machines. It’s the whole range,” Dr. Edwards said.

Dr. Edwards said that along with COVID-19, other viruses are prevalent, making it much more complicated.

“The number of COVID admissions are going up. Yes, we are still seeing a lot of other viruses, which is complicating this situation. While our RSV cases have kinda come to a peak, we are still seeing a lot of them,” she said.

Dr. Edwards, along with other health experts, believes it is crucial to keep kids masked up. Social distancing and handwashing are important as well, and as new developments unfold, doctors believe that getting your child vaccinated as soon as possible could help stop the spread.

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