Cosmetic products send over 4,000 kids to hospital each year, study reports

Keeping Kids Safe

(WYTV) – Perfume, nail polish and shampoo — they might make us look and feel our best but in the wrong hands, they can be deadly.

In fact, every year, more than 4,000 kids have to go to the hospital because of cosmetics. That’s according to a new study that came out Monday in the journal Clinical Pediatrics.

The study looked at everything from hair relaxers and nail polish, to moisturizers, skin oils, deodorants and makeup.

Most of those injuries — 75% — happened because kids swallowed the product. The rest were a result of the product touching their skin or eyes.

So which ones do you need to watch out for? The study shows nearly 30% of kids who got hurt from cosmetics were playing with nail products.

But the products that were most likely to send kids to the hospital were hair relaxers and perm products.

Children ages 2 and under are the ones you need to keep the closest eye on because they’re more likely to get into your stuff.

Experts say the best way to keep your kids safe is to childproof your home. Keep those dangerous products in their original containers, high on a shelf and out of sight.

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