(WYTV) – For this week’s Hometown Heroes, we are highlighting a volunteer group that brings smiles to people who need them with bunnies.

Bunnies in Baskets started 10 years ago as a division of local rescue F5RS, which stands for Frisky Ferrets, Fuzzies, & Feathered Friends Rescue & Sanctuary.

“We are a visiting therapy group using specifically rabbits, and what we do is we make visits to bring joy,” said Sassy Pickard with F5RS Bunnies in Baskets.

The all-volunteer group trains therapy rabbits and visits places throughout the community. They started in nursing homes.

“A lot of times, the people who are bed bound can’t see the therapy dogs because the dogs aren’t allowed on the bed. But the Bunnies in Baskets are allowed on the bed,” Pickard said.

Since then, their efforts have continued expanding. They visit special needs programs for kids and adults and they do a lot of work with autism organizations in the region.

“That actually took special training. We went from them being trained to just sit in baskets to being trained to work with children who may be more excitable to see a bunny,” Pickard said.

The group also hosts a program at libraries called “Read to Some Bunny” and “the bunnies” also write cards to kids battling cancer.

“It’s a wide variety of things that we do. We do a lot of education but a lot of it is just visiting to make people happy,” Pickard said.

So how does “somebunny” become a therapy bunny? It takes training and passing a modified version of the Canine Good Citizens Test.

“They are trained to sit in the basket and they actually have to stay in the basket for over an hour. They’re not allowed to get out. They’re allowed to move around but they have to be able to withstand loud noises, rough petting, things that aren’t usually associated with bunnies,” Pickard said.

The group hopes they can grow and do more visits.

“It would be great if we had others to help us but, you know, we just want to get out there and make people happy,” Pickard said.

If you have a rabbit you think fits the mold for therapy work or if you’re interested in volunteering with F5RS Bunnies in Baskets, you can contact them on their Facebook page. More information about adoption can be found on PetFinder.com.