(WYTV) – This week’s Hometown Hero is a man who’s impacting his community through the word of God.

This month, Pastor Lewis Macklin celebrated his 25th pastoral anniversary.

Pastor Macklin is originally from New York but grew up in Youngstown — a place he calls home.

Pastor Macklin has been a part of Holy Trinity Missionary Church in Youngstown for 25 years, and 23 of those years he has been a full time minister.

Pastor shares that his path to ministry has been quite unconventional and nontraditional.

“[In] 1997, I was given an opportunity — was not looking or seeking ministry, just looking to serve,” says Macklin.

Pastor Macklin started out as a bi-vocational pastor and felt God lead him to be a full time minister. He says the support from his community has made all the difference in his journey.

“When I didn’t know my purpose, my existence, my calling was or even who Lewie was, there were folks that saw things in me, invested in me, encouraged me, corrected me,” says Pastor Macklin.

Pastor Macklin also credits his family for believing in him to serve a greater purpose and never confining him to one singular role.

A family by blood and by spirit.

“They allow me to fulfill the calling of mission, how God directs me, they have been unselfishly sharing with me the entire community.

Pastor Macklin is well known in the community and looked up to by many.

“Many of the people we bless never step through those doors, but the heart to these people see the bigger picture, and they represent the heart and the hand of God,” he says.

Pastor Macklin is unsure what the next 25 years will look like for him, but he believes God will continue to guide him.

“I’m not looking at retirement, but I am looking at opportunities to be able to invest intentionally in the lives of young men and woman, boys and girls, in our community,” he says.