(WYTV) — This week’s Hometown Hero takes us to Springfield Elementary where you’ll find Diane Davis — an energetic, welcoming figure in their front office. 33 News weekend anchor Brandon Jaces sat down with her and found out how her impact extends out of the office and helps St. Jude.

“I do it because I want to, and I want to help the kids at St. Jude,” said Davis.

When you walk into Springfield Elementary you’re immediately greeted by Davis with an energy that makes you feel welcomed and could melt any fears from a Kindergartener starting school in such a big building.

“The atmosphere, the morale — we’re a family here — and the kids are so precious,” said Davis.

Davis became secretary 22 years ago and also took over coordinating the school’s Math-A-Thon. Students pledge to finish a book of math problems and by doing so they raise money for St. Jude.

“And what they do is they ask for sponsors, ‘I’m going to be doing this Math-A-Thon, would you sponsor me?’ for x amount of dollars,” said Davis.

In Davis’ 22 years of coordinating Math-A-Thon, they’ve raised over $126,000. Since Math-A-Thon started the school has raised over $191,000.

“When you hear the stories about the children and what they go through and what the parents go through, it’s really heartwrenching and you know, what can we do to help kind of thing,” said Davis.

Davis said last year was one of her favorite because they raised $16,000. She credits social media for helping children raise more money.

“Parents are able to send out messages on Facebook, emails, ya know anything like that and that has really upped the game,” said Davis.

So while this mom — and “mimi” as her grandchildren call her — is busy coordinating students, getting permission slips signed and keeping kids motivated to raise money, she thinks of all those kids that they’re helping by doing it.

“It’s good to help others,” said Davis.

Her will to help, welcoming attitude and lack of desire for credit is what makes her the perfect candidate for a Hometown Hero.