Hot 101 personality Kelly Stevens named this week’s Hometown Hero

Hometown Heroes

There is rarely a time when Stevens doesn't have a fostered pet running around her home

(WYTV) – It’s the media’s job to stay committed to their community, but Hot 101 radio show host Kelly Stevens is taking it to the next level.

Stevens said she’s just a small-town girl from Southington, but she is much more than that. For years, Stevens has used her local celebrity as a vehicle to make a difference in the Valley.

“We’re just the vessel that things flow through. If we could show up and make somebody’s day, that’s what it’s all about,” Stevens said.

She has donated her time to a wide variety of charities in the area. There is rarely a time when Stevens doesn’t have a fostered pet running around her home.

Her parents instilled a sense of community in her at a young age. They did carnivals in their front yard for the MDA Telethon, which she has passed down to her kids as well.

Her son Carter told friends to bring pet supplies instead of gifts to his birthday party last July.

Her husband Bob also understands what giving is all about.

“My husband, oh my gosh, he’s a special needs teacher, so he understands the whole giving back to the community. It just becomes your life,” Stevens said.

Next to her husband, no one knows Stevens better than her long-time co-host on HOT 101, AC McCullough, who said she has a unique gift that makes everyone feel special.

“A lot of the stuff that I’m involved in, it’s because she inspired me to do it. Because if there’s one thing I know about Kell, she cares. She remembers everybody. We’ll have done something years ago and someone will come up and say, ‘I remember when you did this,’ and it’ll be 10 years ago and Kell will say, ‘Oh yeah, you had on that pink dress.’ That’s just the way she is,” McCullough said.

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