Hometown Hero’s fun project for second-grade class helps increase comfort level in school

Hometown Heroes

Teacher Cecilia Lange helped her students turn their desks into Jeeps

STRUTHERS, Ohio (WYTV) – Cecilia Lange is in her 24th year of teaching at Struthers City Schools. She taught several different grade levels and now teaches second grade.

Like a lot of schools, Struthers has COVID-19 safety precautions in place, including clear, plastic partitions between the students’ desks. That gave Mrs. Lange an idea for a project, to make it more fun for the kids.

“I ended up getting poster board and cutting the circles out, and used Google Drawing to get it just right,” she said. “The kids cut them out, we glued it all together and it was pretty easy.”

That project was helping the students turn their desks into Jeeps.

“The kids liked it because I said this was going to be their Jeep. They’re going to be able to sit in their Jeep, take their masks down and it was a little bit more comfortable for them. That way, they don’t feel so constricted,” Lange said. “They really think it’s a great thing, and, of course, they got to pick the color that they wanted.”

Mrs. Lange says the safety of the kids is most important, but in times like these, it’s also important for the kids to still have some fun while they learn so that they still enjoy going to class.

“It makes me feel good because they’re so comfortable. They come to school, they’re full of energy, they’re excited. They love to see each other looking through their little Jeep windows and it just helps make us feel comfortable. In this time of feeling so anxious about everything, it makes us feel like we want to come to school,” Lange said.

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