AUSTINTOWN, Ohio (WYTV) – This week’s Hometown Heroes come from Austintown. They’re a group of motorcyclists who helped bring an animal sanctuary back to working order.

Noah’s Lost Ark Animal Sanctuary rescues exotic animals and gives them a second chance. In August, strong storms damaged the sanctuary in Berlin Center. Thousands of dollars in repairs needed to be done, so the Austintown Eagle Riders wanted to help out.

“They were going to get shut down because of all the storm damage. They have a large set of responsibilities with the animals if they take in,” said Dave Davis, vice president of the Austintown Eagle Riders.

In early September, around 40 members of the Eagle Riders volunteered at the sanctuary, putting up new perimeter fencing, building new pens and cleaning up downed branches. Many brought their own tools to fix things up.

“Our group of riders went out and helped rebuild and helped them get back on their feet,” Davis said.

The Eagle Riders are part of the Fraternal Order of Eagles Post 3298. The group is honored to receive the Hometown Hero award.

“This is a great big thing for us because this is what we try to do is help the community as much as we can,” said Tom Welsh, president of the Austintown Eagle Riders.

The Eagle Riders’ work helped Noah’s Lost Ark pass inspection. It’s now open to the public again, and the group is happy their hard work paid off.

“Our motto is ‘people helping people.’ For us to be able to go in and help with a place that does so much for these animals, meant a tremendous amount for us,” Davis said.

The Eagle Riders are hosting a dance on Nov. 10. It will help raise money for the Disabled American Veterans.