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Hometown Heroes

(WYTV) – This week, we have two 33 WYTV Hometown Heros. Paulette Williams and Alberta Lisbon are known as a dynamic duo over at the Salvation Army on Glenwood Avenue.

Williams is the kitchen supervisor and has been preparing home-cooked meals for the community for about three years. She is known for her hard work and determination in the kitchen.

Majors Sherry and Paul Moore said that Williams has changed the atmosphere at the Salvation Army in a positive way.

“Oh, my Paulette is a firecracker. She has transformed our kitchen. The meals are so well put together. We have up to our numbers. She is a phenomenal force to be reckoned with,” said Major Sherry Moore.

Williams prepares the menu and orders all of the food each month. She is known to put a lot of effort into the menus because she wants the community to be fed properly.

“You don’t fee someone something that you wouldn’t eat. People need well-rounded meals,” Williams said.

That seems to be Williams’s guiding principle. She is known for her hearty soups, delicious sandwiches and more, but none of it would be possible without her sidekick Alberta Lisbon.

“Just being able to give someone something that they may or may not have ever tried, or just to see the joy when individuals come and want to know what is on the menu today,” Lisbon said.

The two recently reached a goal that Williams set for the Salvation Army back when she was hired – feeding 2,500 people a month, however they exceeded that number.

“Last month, we reached our goal. We did 3,050,” Williams said.

Both Williams and Lisbon said that they owe a lot of credit to the volunteers that show up on a daily basis to give back to the community.

“We couldn’t do everything that we do without our volunteers. They make a big difference,” Williams said.

The two are humbled by being named this week’s Hometown Hero, and they are both grateful to work with each other.

“Paulette is a jewel. I wouldn’t trade the time we have together for a thing,” Lisbon said.

“You couldn’t find a better assistant than Alberta,” Williams said.

Friends for 30 years and feeding the greater Youngstown area together for about two years. The wonderful women continue to make a positive impact on the Valley each day.

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