LISBON, Ohio (WKBN) — When it comes to police, officers are there to protect and serve. Well some in Columbiana County went one step further — to provide. This week’s Hometown Heroes are from the Lisbon Police Department

For almost two years, officers with the Lisbon Police Department watched a young man walk past their station on state Route 45 on his way to work.

“We wave to him all the time, we say hi,” said officer Neil Clark.

In the past, officers have given him a ride when it was raining — but Lt. Shar Daub and Chief Mike Abraham decided they wanted to do something more.

“We actually all went in, used our police auxiliary fund and purchased him a bicycle, that way he could ride to work every day, make it a little quicker for him, a little easier,” Clark said.

A few weeks ago, John Badger was given a Mongoose bike while working his job as a cook at Italo’s Pizza in Lisbon.

“I was shocked,” Badger said. “They just came up here and introduced it to me.”

Before getting some two-wheeled freedom, Badger used to walk the 3 miles to work, which would take him 40 to 50 minutes.

“He’s walking to work every day, so it’s not something you see all the time,” Clark said. “Obviously, he’s got a good work ethic, so be to be able to help him make it a little easier feels good.”

Now, it takes him about 30 minutes to bike to work.

“It’s better than walking — I love it,” Badger said.

“It’s just really cool — it’s cool to help out the community and give back,” Clark said.