(WYTV) – This week’s Hometown Hero is more than one person, it’s a whole family. They’ve dedicated their time to helping veterans after a deeply personal loss.

On Oct. 13, a veteran in Youngstown got a new roof to replace the heavily leaking one on his home. It was made possible in part because of Lexi and Toni Brant.

The Hubbard natives raise money every year in honor of their brother, Neil. He was a veteran who dealt with PTSD and died by suicide in 2020.

“Losing my brother was such a big impact and such a family trauma that I wanted to make it positive,” Toni said.

“I love helping them and just doing everything. It makes me feel good and I know that it’s making our brother proud,” Lexi said.

November will mark their third fundraiser. They say it’s amazing to see how the money they raise each year directly helps veterans in need.

“It’s just like an amazing experience to see somebody affected truly and to see their eyes light up just because they know that they have support,” Toni said.

Lexi says before they started this fundraiser, she never realized how many veterans were in need.

“There are a lot more people affected than you think it is, and they don’t get as nearly as much help as they need in that they deserve. A lot of them are just kind of pushed to the back and not recognized,” Lexi said.

Their next fundraiser is on Nov. 12 in Hubbard. All the proceeds will benefit veterans in the Valley.

“For somebody who did risk their lives for us, I think we owe it to them to have their support when they come back home,” Toni said.

“It brings light to us and I know it brings light to the veterans that we’re helping as well,” Lexi said.