Hometown Hero works with prisoners, AIDS task force

Hometown Heroes

HERMITAGE, Pa. (WYTV) — Hometown hero Gretchen Wagner loves the Lord, her community and doesn’t plan to stop the work she’s doing anytime soon.

She said anyone is able to do what she does for the community.

“The first thing is that I feel overwhelmed and honored because there are so many people deserving,” Wagner said.

She questions if she would consider herself a hero.

“Hero to me is someone who lays down their life for their country, laying down their life by going into the building of helping someone I say what I do, anybody can do. That’s what I hope to convey,” Wagner said.

Wagner selflessly volunteers with the Notre Dame Church in Hermitage.

She has spent her time loving on people no matter their background or situation, from working with the AIDs task force to even working with a prison ministry.

“I heard a gospel one time, ‘Who’s in the ditch? The people who are all passed by,'” Wagner said.

She took that word to heart. She also sends cards to those who are sick in the community.

Once she even recorded an album, and donated the money made to the Prince of Peace Center.

When it comes to the work that she does, age is nothing but a number.

“I want them to know two things. You’re never too old to matter, to contribute,” Wagner said. “And secondly, that nothing’s too small.”

As we continue through this Christmas season Wagner wants all of us to spread love whenever and wherever you can.

“I want to be a voice of hope. I’m not going to slow down,” she said.

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