Hometown Hero with passion for nursing can be seen in statewide COVID-19 PSA

Hometown Heroes

Shareece Mashiska is a born nurturer and caregiver

YOUNGSTOWN, Ohio (WYTV) – Shareece Mashiska is passionate about helping others that come into St. Elizabeth Youngstown. She’s now on TVs all across Ohio in a campaign to remind people of COVID-19 health guidelines.

Mashiska was picked to help fight COVID-19 with a statewide advertising campaign. One of the biggest hurdles for her and other health care providers has been change.

“Things just kept changing constantly because this is a new thing that nobody knows how to deal with. So we had to learn and change with it to continue to take care of our patients,” she said.

If you stay at St. Elizabeth in Youngstown, chances are very good you’ll meet Mashiska — that is by design. She was recently promoted to get her in front of more patients at the hospital.

“She knows the hospital, so she helps us to make sure that patients find their way through the hospital and increases our throughput process,” said Chief Nursing Officer Stacie Call.

Vice President of Nursing Brian Wharry explained what throughput is all about.

“So she just makes sure that our process — in terms of length of stay and patients — where they go, how they get there and getting patients in and out. She also works alongside all of our nurses very closely,” Wharry said.

Mashiska is a born nurturer and caregiver — it’s her passion. She’s a role model to her three kids with advice for young and old alike.

“Like I tell my kids, you can do anything you want to do. You might not be the best at it at the beginning, but as long as you try and do your hardest, that’s all anybody can ever expect from you is your best,” she said.

Mashiska is working on her nursing master’s degree. She looks to continue growing and serving her community at Mercy Health, unless Ohio Governor Mike DeWine offers her a job.

“I don’t think you could say no to Governor DeWine!” she said.

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