(WYTV) — Our Hometown Hero this week knows all about safety nets. The one he set up more than 30 years ago remains wide and deep today. Daybreak’s Len Rome profiles the doctor behind One Health Ohio.

At the office on Wick Avenue in Youngstown, they call him Dr. D. Dr. Ronald Dwinnells, a pediatrician, who in 1986 wanted to set up a safety net for the poor, for those people not getting medical help in Youngstown. Today, it’s ten locations, 200 people and a $26 million budget.

“We’ve seen at least a million and a half patient visits after all those years and I’ll see them in the parking lot and they’ll come up to me and say, ‘Dr. D, we really appreciate you’ and that makes me feel so good and that’s truly what it’s all about. It’s about the people getting access to health care,” said Dwinnells.

Dwinnells is also president and founder of the Butterflies and Hope Memorial Foundation, designed to improve the lives of children. You can read about that and his adventures in his own book ‘Don’t Pick Up All The Dog Hairs.’

“Above and beyond! His main concern is regarding the patients who are underserved. There’s nothing nicer than that to actually see someone that actually fulfills their mission,” said project manager Frank Stanovcak.

Coming in 2023 will be the doctor’s new clinic at Indianola and Glenwood Avenue on Youngstown’s southside. Come here for yoga classes, gather to walk in Mill Creek Park and pick up some healthy food.

“We want to have a community health, a community kitchen where we bring in guest chefs who can teach people how to cook healthy, do demonstrations, feed them, those kinds of things,” said Dwinnells.

Need medical help or just have a question? The answer is just a phone call away — One Health Ohio at 330-747-9551 and tell them Dr. D sent you.