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Hometown Hero: Sharpsville student makes prom special for classmate with autism

Hometown Heroes

High school can be tough. Students are often trying to keep up with their grades, friends and sports, as well as trying to fit in.

At Sharpsville High School, one student goes out of her way to make sure everyone feels included.

Autumn Delmonico is Alexis Garcia’s friend. She’s on the autism spectrum, and although she’s a senior this year, she has never been to prom. 

Lexi wanted to change that, though.

“I figured Autumn deserves something like that, to have that one night she feels like a princess instead of staying at home,” she said. 

She came up with an idea that she took to Special Education Teacher Dejah Springer. 

“Lexi approached me and said, ‘What do you think about if I asked Autumn to… prom with me?’ And I started to cry right then and there. I said, ‘That would be absolutely wonderful,'” Springer recalled. 

Lexi made a poster and headed to Autumn’s first period to ask her.

“Autumn was so excited, starting jumping up and down and gave Lexi a big hug. It was the highlight of my teaching career to see that,” Springer said.

Getting dolled up and wearing a royal blue dress, Autumn was ready to experience her first prom.

“They feel amazing, getting dressed up, getting your hair done, doing their makeup and then walking in, everyone taking their pictures and clapping for them,” Lexi said. 

Lexi said she didn’t take Autumn to prom for the recognition, saying she just wanted to do it.

Springer said Lexi is a positive role model, however. 

“I think her taking Autumn to prom let her know that it’s OK to do what you want to do and accept and everyone to go have fun,” she said. 

Going out of her way to make sure everyone feels included, no matter who they are is what makes Lexi Garcia this week’s Hometown Hero. 

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