HUBBARD, Ohio (WYTV) — This week’s Hometown Hero was able to stay calm during a life-threatening situation and helped save his classmate’s life.

The 15-year-old jumped into action to save his friend from choking on a snack during their science class earlier this month.

“I just did what any person should do and would do,” said Hubbard High School freshman Baron Reynolds.

Not everyone can say they’ve saved their friend’s life, but Reynolds can. He was in science class reviewing for a test when a fellow classmate started choking.

“A student stood up, and he was turning purple, and he was gasping, and I said ‘Oh my god, are you choking?’ and I jumped up, and I went to go start the Heimlich, and I really couldn’t get my arms around the student and get a good grasp on him,” said science teacher Irene Pizanias.

That’s the exact moment Reynolds jumped into action without thinking twice.

“I was like ‘Gavin, you gotta work with me here.’ I put the Heimlich on him, pressed forward on his torso about two or three times and finally he spit all the stuff out,” said Reynolds.

“It just takes your breath away. It blows my mind all the time when I think about it and how scary it must have been for Mrs. P and Baron,” said Hubbard principal Brandy Yobe.

Reynolds is about as selfless as they come. His teachers and principal said he’s always the first one to offer a helping hand.

“Baron is a very happy, fun, go-lucky, young man. He’s very sincere. He wants to help others. He’s just that kind of student that you always want more of in your classroom,” said Pizanias.

It’s those qualities and so many more that helped make this moment possible. With some help, we were able to surprise Reynolds with this week’s Hometown Hero award!

“Hometown hero!? Oh my gosh. I can’t speak right now. It feels really really amazing to be a Hometown Hero. I’m almost crying right now. This doesn’t happen!” said Reynolds.

That reaction never gets old. Reynolds was so excited he had to call his mom.

Reynolds: Hey mom!
Reynolds’ mother: Hi B, how are you?
Reynolds: Doing good. Uh, the most amazing thing just happened to me!

Reynolds summed up how it feels to be a Hometown Hero perfectly: “I’ve always wanted to be a positive influence. I wanted everyone to know about me, and I wanted to make an impact. I’m glad that I could make an impact, and my friend is okay. He’s okay and I’m really touched and glad that I’m named the Hometown Hero.”