YOUNGSTOWN, Ohio (WYTV) — The East High School Assistant Principal has many accomplishments when it comes to Youngstown City Schools. She has been an educator, a principal, and a mentor for many here in the Valley.

For over 40 years, Henrietta Williams has worked with students and families in Youngstown.

“It’s my job to help develop them so that they can become the best that they can become,” said Williams.

Williams spent 32 years at The Rayen High school which used to be located on the Northside.

“That’s where it started, and that’s where it ended because I closed the Rayen, and then I opened up the new East,” said Williams.

Williams is adored by many, including the principal at East High School, Debra Campbell.

“She is just my right hand,” said Campbell.

Campbell even nominated Williams for the 2022 Ohio High Schools that Work High School Leadership Award — and she won!

“She has a genuine love for students, and she has a genuine love for the community. She really is deserving of this award,” said Campbell.

Williams said she has a passion for education and she loves to pass it on to her students.

“I had great teachers in Youngstown City Schools. They saw a lot of potential in me, and they pushed me. So they taught me well, so I feel it’s my responsibility to teach the children here,” said Williams.

Williams is guided by a quote each day: “Each one, teach one.” She said education is something special.

“It’s a privilege and a right, and we have to remember that and not take advantage of that,” said Williams.

Williams said she hopes her legacy in the world of education lives on forever.