This week’s Hometown Hero is inspiring kids, introducing them to a life-long appreciation of the arts.

Sierra McCorvey is a member of the Western Reserve Opera-Young artist program. She’s also the program director of the Southside Fine Arts Academy.

Sierra has been singing her whole life, and she is about to graduate from YSU with a vocal music performance degree from the Dana School of Music.   

Sierra counsels at the Rockford Village Neighborhood ministry on Youngstown’s east side. She overcame personal adversity and is paying it forward, giving kids in the Valley a positive outlet.

She might be performing on a national stage one day.  All the hard work has paid off for her and 
for all those who have helped her along the way.

“Everyone who has sewn into me artistically, it makes it worth it for them too,” she said.

“Sierra is a very mature student with an amazing voice,” said Misook Yun, of Dana School of Music.

Her passion for the arts comes from family and her teachers along the way.

“When I started joining band and choir and part of different art activities at school is where I found my niche,” she said.

The only thing bigger than Sierra McCorvey’s voice is her heart. She is running a class for the Southside Fine Arts Academy.  As program director, she plans all of the activities. 

Kris Harper, executive director at the academy, sums up her most important quality.

“So compassionate and so loving and really cares for the children. And is just a wonderful influence on the children,” Harper said.

She’s grown in her craft as a performer, and as a mentor.

“Just how the children gravitate to her and love her. She’s firm but she’s fun, and the kids just adore her because she gives them the time that they want and so need,” Lisa Davenport said, Sierra’s makeup artist.

Her kids also had a message for her, “Congratulations Sierra, you’re our hometown hero!”